Need a Nursing Home or an Assisted Living?


Published: 03/23/2010

by Shon Ingram


Are you looking for a nursing home or assisted living for your elderly family member. You have embarked on a monumentous task that is not easily solved. There are several items to look for when you tour a facility. One of the first things that you may notice when you walk in the front door is the smell. This is a major indicator of the quality of care in a facility. If you walk in and immediately smell urine, that is not a good sign. Another good indicator of the condition of the common areas where residents and families congregate. Are there residents there sleeping or zoned out? This may be a sign that there is not an adequate activity program available. The main thing to do is to get out there and tour the homes before you admit your family member. Better yet, work with a company like Eldercare Life Solutions, here in Fayette County. They offer FREE placement services to families looking for nursing home and assisted living facilites. Eldercare Life Solutions is a geriatric care management firm that specializes in assisting family members to care for their aging loved ones. They provide personalized service, counseling, and ensure continuity of care for families both near their loved ones and at a distance. They match outside services to our clients needs and help contain costs. The company is accessible 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Would you like to subscribe to Eldercare Life Solutions bi-monthly email newsletter? To opt-in please email Need assistance, call us today at 877-309-3360