Hiring a Paralegal for Small Local Law Firm (Fayetteville)


Looking for an experienced trial and civil discovery paralegal.
Ethics, Honesty, Discipline, and Self-Motivation are all required. Important to have chemistry to work in our office, with the other associates.



You would be working directly in setting up cases for trial. We are a 8 person firm with a cordial work environment.
Your resume is important, so please be as detailed as possible in describing what your past history has been.
We check references and we are looking for someone that has the experience and loyalty to work with us for many years to come.
If you leave large time periods out of your work history, or leave long term jobs, then we need a reason. Otherwise, we will assume you have something you do not want us to know. So be thorough in telling us about your work history and details of your experience that we would be interested in.

We prefer someone close to our office. If you have to drive more than 30 minutes to get to work, then you are probably too far away. The time saved in traffic driving to Atlanta, mileage, parking, etc., plus our work schedule of 8-4 or 9-5 with a 30 minute lunch is attractive to our associates who live nearby. We know we are in competition with many Atlanta Law Firms, but our firm has its own attractive benefits as well.

We offer benefits including Health, 401k, disability, and paid vacations.
We are blessed to have people who have worked with us for many years, and we are looking for the next long term and dedicated associate to help us serve our clients.

Please send your resume to fayettelawyer@gmail.com.